Clerk of the Works

The most dependable way to be assured of getting what you pay for during construction is to have a clerk-of-the-works (owners' field representative) present during all construction activities. Hulbert Engineering and Land Surveying, DPC will provide the degree of on-site supervision that is required to ensure quality control and conformance to plans and specifications. Cost savings realized from avoiding problems often are substantial. By placing a clerk on your project you have "owners' assurance."

Clerk of the Works Responsibilities:

  • Verify conformance to contract documents
  • Witness testing of materials and systems
  • Maintain orderly records of construction activities
  • Coordinate training and distribution of O&M manuals
  • Review invoices, change orders and schedule
  • Provide regular reports to the owner's team to focus on resolving issues
  • Keep the owner abreast of project issues so that informed decision can be made

Work with Hulbert Engineering and Land Surveying, DPC

For more information about how Hulbert Engineering and Land Surveying, DPC can work with you to help you come up with solutions, visit our contact page or call (607) 723-0799 to speak with an experienced, qualifed engineer.

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