Constructibility Reviews

At Hulbert Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C. we understand the importance to keep costs in line without jeopardizing the quality of the project. We also understand the challenges in permitting projects through the various agencies and how the design can change due to comments received during these reviews. Many design professionals are also on a budget and/or a time constraint to get the deliverable completed and the project permitted and sometimes making minor changes is the easy way out yet it could add significant cost to the project.

As comments are received and implemented into the plans, we review the overall effect the change creates to the project and if we see opportunities to save on construction cost by making other changes to the plans, then we communicate these opportunities to the developer so that they can make the decision on whether to delay the deliverable and make additional changes to the plans. On many design projects, if we can eliminate just a couple structures, or re-align a utility run, we can offset the entire consultant fee with just a few changes. On the other hand, with the amount of field experience that we have, we can also save the client significant costs by performing constructability reviews of the plans. What looks good on paper does not always work in the field.

We always provide value engineering with our design projects and we keep up with the industry in product costs and pass these years of experience and cost saving potentials on to the clients.

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