Asbestos Project Design

The first priority for the designing an asbestos project design would be for one of our Certified Asbestos Building Inspectors to review any previous building inspection reports to ensure that the inspecting procedures and sample analysis of suspect ACMs meets present day standards.

Once the inspection report is complete one of our certified Asbestos Project Designers will design the removal of the ACMs from the building to ensure that the ACMs are not only removed safely, expediently and that the ACMs are removed in compliance with all applicable state and federal asbestos regulations.

Based on the complexity of the project and applicable state regulations, a project monitor is typically retained by the building owner to ensure that the asbestos abatement contractor is adhering to project design documents. The project monitor may also be required to collect daily area samples to access airborne asbestos concentrations during the removal phase, or collect clearance samples following the project.

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