State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR)

The goal of New York's Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Act is to avoid or limit possible negative impacts on the environment from proposed actions such as sub-dividing land, adopting land use plans, building a housing development or a roadway or filling wetlands. When any state or local agency makes a decision about a proposed action, it must give equal consideration to environmental protection, human and community resources and economic factors. The SEQR process provides a way for agencies to look closely at the possible environmental impacts of a proposed action.

Hulbert Engineering and Land Surveying, DPC can help with your SEQR approval by working with you to form a negative declaration so that you may commence with your building project. 

For more information about how Hulbert Engineering and Land Surveying, DPC can work with you to help you come up with solutions, visit our contact page or call (607) 723-0799 to speak with an experienced, qualifed engineer.

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