ROW/Acquisition Mapping

Right-of-way mapping or Acquisition Mapping is a boundary survey of contiguous parcels of land to be acquired for roadway or drainage purposes. The right-of-way map, parcel plats and property descriptions must be prepared under the supervision of a Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) and in compliance with all rules set forth by the NYS Board of Professional Land Surveying. Although right-of-way mapping involves boundary surveying, there are important considerations that make right-of-way mapping unique.

The surveyor preparing right-of-way mapping must understand that the preparation of right-of-way mapping and the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates for a roadway improvement project are concurrent activities. As soon as possible, the surveyor must inform the design engineer of any existing condition which might impact the design and the design engineer must in turn inform the surveyor of any design change, which will impact the right-of-way mapping.

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