Street Reconstruction

Our design team approaches each street reconstruction project with creative ideas to maximize safety, minimize cost, and create adaptive solutions to handle any unique challenges.

Our Street Reconstruction Services Include:

  • Municipal Sanitary and Sewer Redesign
  • Street and Roadway Improvements
  • Urban Design, Streetscapes and Landscape Amenities
  • Storm Sewer and Drainage Systems

Sewage Collection and Treatment

Wastewater collection and treatment are the cornerstone components of any community’s infrastructure. Business and residential development hinges on appropriate systems, as does the long-term viability and sustainability of the community.

Encompassing a myriad of services from facility planning and design to regulatory compliance, evaluation, and schematics for wastewater treatment and sludge management, Hulbert Engineering and Land Surveying, DPC has familiarity with and knowledge regarding these issues.

Heavy rainfall events and flooding can stress overflows and bypass systems beyond their limits, often creating disastrous outcomes. We have worked with a number of communities whose systems did fail under such circumstances, and we dealt with the public and residents it affected to help them through the event. Our experience in both planning for and preventing system failure as well as in the mitigation and updating of those that have failed sets us apart in the industry and provides for our client communities an enhanced level of confidence in the systems we design.

Site Design and Development

Building anything, be it a new medical building, manufacturing facility, transportation terminal, a wastewater treatment facility, street or road, requires a comprehensive adherence to design and an acute ability to assess, resolve and adapt when challenges arise. With more than 67 years of combined experience Hulbert Engineering and Land Surveying, DPC sets a standard for quality.

Our project managers pay careful attention to project requirements, budgets, and work diligently to maintain excellence and consistency throughout the process.

Water Distribution / Treatment / Supply

Water needs to flow freely and in plentiful supply to all parts of the community. The storage and distribution system must be designed to  accommodate growth and environmental changes as well as ever-advancing technology.

Pairing water system modeling software with our broad understanding of EPA and DEC regulations, Hulbert provides efficient, economical solutions to water system challenges for communities small and large.

Industrial Development

Industrial development is a vital component of a thriving community. The professional staff at Hulbert have been an integral part of the community’s growth by working with both private and public agencies for site, plan, and design of many of our communities industrial development projects.

Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering is a professional discipline that deals with the designing, planning, construction and management of infrastructures such as roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, railroads, facilities, buildings, dams, utilities, and other projects.

Municipal Engineering

Municipal Engineering applies the tools of science, art, and engineering in an urban environment, specifically related to municipal infrastructure. This involves specifying, designing, constructing, and maintaining streets, sidewalks, water supply networks, sewers, street lighting, municipal solid waste management, and disposal, storage depots for various bulk materials used for maintenance and public works (salt, sand, fuels, etc.), public parks and bicycle paths. In the case of underground utility networks, it may also include the civil portion (conduits and access chambers) of the local distribution networks of electrical and telecommunications services. It can also include the optimizing of garbage collection and bus service networks. Some of these disciplines overlap with other civil engineering specialties, however municipal engineering focuses on the coordination of these infrastructure networks and services, as they are often built simultaneously, and managed by the same municipal authority.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering is moving people and goods efficiently, safely, and in a manner conducive to a vibrant community. This involves specifying, designing, constructing, and maintaining transportation infrastructure which includes streets, canals, highways, rail systems, airports, ports, recreation and multi-use trail systems, and mass transit.

Educational / Athletic Facilities

Hulbert Engineering and Land Surveying, DPC is involved in providing efficient and safe environments for educational & athletic facilities. Our team of engineering and design professionals create appropriate spaces for students and teachers to work, play, and learn. Our Engineers address this challenge with a focus on energy efficiency, performance, and durability.

Hulbert has the capacity to provide additional services to meet our client’s needs:

  • Mechanical Studies and Evaluations
  • HVAC System Design
  • Chilled Water System Design
  • Steam and Hot Water System Design
  • Ground Source Heat Pump System Design
  • Security System Design
  • Thermal Energy Storage System Design
  • Plumbing and Pipe System Design
  • HVAC Control Systems
  • Fire Protection Design
  • Mechanical System Commissioning and Decommissioning
  • Energy Studies and Conservation Design
  • Energy Management Systems

Code Review

Hulbert conducts Code Review of design plans prior to building, and inspections during and after construction. We use the standards set forth and enforced by local government agencies for the protection of public safety and health for the structural safety of buildings (Building Code), health requirements for plumbing/ventilation/mechanical (Health Department Code), and the specifications for fire escapes or exits (Fire Code).

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