Construction Administration / Management

Hulbert realizes that throughout the construction phase, clients are at their greatest risk for incurring increased costs, time delays, contractor claims, and inconsistent quality. For that reason, we are aggressive in leading the construction process and acting on our clients’ behalf. Our in-depth expertise and knowledge of the entire construction process make us an informed and collaborative partner, providing accountability for our clients.

Recognizing that the construction phase of a project is often the most unpredictable and challenging, Hulbert’s construction administration team works to serve our clients’ best interests.

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Constructability Reviews

At Hulbert, we understand the importance to keep costs in line without jeopardizing the quality of the project. We recognize the challenges in procuring permits for projects through the various agencies, and the potential for design changes due to these reviews.

As comments are received and implemented into the plans, we review the overall effect the changes create to the project and identify solutions while maintaining quality while always keeping the focus on value engineering throughout the project.

Project Management

Construction Project Management is the direction, regulation, and supervision of a project from initial development to completion. We seek to provide a viable project both in terms of functionality and budget. Communication is the key to excellence in project management, and we have decades of successful experience.

Residential & Commercial Project Representation

Clients derive benefits from hiring a third-party owner’s representative to represent their interests through the design and construction phases of a project. Hulbert provides these professional services to Residential and Commercial clients.

Project Management Services

  • Site Assessment
  • Project Organization
  • Budget Development
  • Scheduling
  • Architect (or Design/Build) Selection
  • Team Assembly
  • General and Subcontractor Negotiation
  • Design Reviews
  • City and Municipal Approvals
  • Cost and Progress Reporting
  • Value Engineering
  • Site Infrastructure
  • Bid Analysis and Review
  • Project Construction Oversight
  • Change Request Management
  • Contract Administration

Clerk of the Works

The role of a Clerk of the Works (Owners’ Field Representative) is primarily to represent the interests of the client in regard to ensuring that the quality of both materials and workmanship are in accordance with the design information. Cost savings realized from avoiding problems often are substantial as the onsite work is managed daily.

Clerk of the Works Responsibilities:

    • Verify conformance to contract documents
    • Witness testing of materials and systems
    • Maintain orderly records of construction activities
    • Coordinate training and distribution of O&M manuals
      • Keep the owner abreast of project issues so that informed decisions can be made
      • Provide regular reports to the owner’s team to focus on resolving issues
  • Review invoices, change orders and schedule

New York State Code Enforcement Officials

We have two New York State Certified Code Enforcement Officials on-staff to ensure your project meets the highest inspection standards in New York State. Having on-staff Code Enforcement Officials also helps us approve items faster and move more efficiently through your project.

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